The Armor of Vader by PrincessChippy

The Queen of Naboo had among her attendants, young princesses who showed potential in politics. A girl named "Chippy" applied for -- and was given -- the job when she was 4-years old through the strength of her drawings of Coruscant, done when she visited her grandparents there. While a princess, she had an eerie dream about what she then thought was the Palace of Theed as a fortified castle, and the walls bleeding garish colors, as if in pain. A cloud in multiple colors erupted over the top of the bleeding structure forming the words "MOMMY" -- though she knew it was not herself who pined for her mother. She wondered who missed his or her mother so much? She drew these in her notebook, but didn't understand the dream until many years later when she had to come face to face with her Force strength and was looking straight into the fortified mask of Darth Vader as he contemplated her execution ...

A castle representing the armor of Vader
The castle at the start of the dream ...

The armor of Vader calling for his mother
The armor of Vader bleeding in pain
The castle crying and bleeding and wanting its mother?

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