Circuitous Symbol

Nia Klivian is the daughter of Sela and Hobbie Klivian in Csillag's AU Hobbie's Saga. In the piece, Discovering Their Pasts, Nia reveals she'd seen this symbol in a vision, around the neck of her namesake, Nia Ponsed. It matched a brooch found by Tionne Solusar in her researches in lost Jedi history; it was subsequently disclosed that many others had seen this symbol, too, and not usually as jewelry but as a body-mark. What is it? It's a symbol of the Arixi Order.

Newly arrived at the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, Tionne prescribed courses in history and arts for Nia and other teens, so they'd understand their heritage. This depiction was made by the young girl as her first project, which she sent home to her parents on Coruscant. They were thrilled to receive it, and relieved to see their daughter fulfilling her destiny.

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